5 True Tales from the NICU

5 True Tales from the NICU

Every year on September 15, we mark Neonatal Nurses Day -- to honor and thank these caregivers for their selfless dedication.

September 15 is Neonatal Nurses Day -- when we honor and thank these caregivers for their tireless dedication. So we've pulled together some of the stories about neonatal teams that this community has liked the most in 2018.

1. In Pennsylvania, one little girl was born 16 weeks early -- and weighed less than a can of soda. Hundreds of doctors and nurses helped provide her with care, and 113 days later, this baby went home for the first time.

2. In Georgia, NICU staff bring in music therapists to record mothers talking and singing to their children -- so that caregivers can play those sounds to soothe babies when their parents are away.

3. In North Carolina, community volunteers are donating onesies to every baby in the NICU at UNC hospital to boost the spirits of their families.

4. In Florida, two dozen neonatal nurses at one hospital all gave birth to children of their own this calendar year -- which required some smart planning from hospital administration to cover for those out on maternity leave.

5. In Texas, doctors and nurses at this hospital hosted a reunion for parents whose children they cared for in the NICU!