Sherry Weaver: An Update

One day while Sherry Weaver was with her grandson, she suddenly lost the ability to speak clearly.

At the hospital, an MRI would reveal a stunning diagnosis—brain cancer.

Sherry was told she had one month to live. Then she met Dr. Ashamalla, who changed her outlook with one simple word: “cure.”

Sherry spent every morning for six weeks with her “Radiation Dream Team,” who infused her treatment with smiles, hugs, and a personal touch. The team treated Sherry as if they’d known her their entire lives. They made the hospital feel like home back then, and it still feels like home to Sherry now.

When asked about her team—Dr. Hani Ashamalla and Dr. Leila Tchelebi, Tanyi Reid, Alaaeldin Aboelnasr, Ani Nalbandyan, Daniel Lieberman, Donna Lewis, Pamela Ross, Joseph Jacobo, and several students—Sherry says they are a caring family that everyone needs in times of trouble.

Family goes to extreme lengths in order to help each other and that’s exactly what the Dream Team did for Sherry. Faith was an integral part of Sherry’s cancer battle, and she prayed to the Archangel Michael every night. The Dream Team knew this was important to Sherry, so each time Sherry was placed on the operating table, the team would always tell her they were praying to the Archangel Michael. Sherry says, “Do I absolutely believe that each one was praying to the Archangel Michael? No. But I knew they were supporting my journey one hundred percent.”

Today Sherry loves spending time with her children and her grandchildren who keep her too busy to think about being sick. She feels fantastic, and her cancer is shrinking, something she never thought possible after her initial diagnosis.

Sherry’s advice for anyone facing this treatment is to find a hospital that has employees who comfort you. “People always tell me I’m doing so well because of my attitude... (but) it’s the care I’ve received that has mattered.”