5 Reasons Why Primary Care is So Important

Even the healthiest adults need routine care.

Most of us associate going to the doctor with being sick or injured. But even the healthiest adults should see a primary care provider regularly in order to best manage their health. In honor of Primary Care Week, check out five reasons why this type of care is so important.

It’s a One-Stop Shop

If you’re starting to feel cold symptoms, but also have questions about what vaccines you need or what do you when you feel anxious, you only need to make one doctor’s appointment to access a wide range of services.

They Can Point You in the Right Direction

Though your primary care provider is trained to help both your physical and mental health, certain health conditions may require a visit to a specialist. Your primary care team can not only give you referrals, but also helps coordinate information between your other health care providers.

It’s the Best Way to Manage Existing Health Conditions

Chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, or high cholesterol can be difficult to manage on your own. Your primary care provider will schedule routine tests so you can have the most up-to-date information about your conditions, and can help you stay on track in terms of taking your medications.

They Help Spot Health Problems Before They Become Serious

It might seem tedious to get your weight, blood pressure, or ears checked every time you see your primary care team, but these regular screenings are the best ways to identify a health issue early on. This means you can start getting treatment and could save you a trip to the hospital had it become a serious problem.

They Know You Best

By scheduling regular appointments with your primary care provider through the years, you’ll feel more comfortable having conversations about your health and asking the right questions to ensure your needs are met.