Taking the Pain Out of Shots

A routine vaccination turned into a lifelong mission for Dr. Amy Baxter. Now, she’s created an innovative device to reduce the pain of shots and injections.

Dr. Amy Baxter was a pediatric emergency physician, so when it came time for her 4-year-old son Max to get his vaccinations, she thought she was more prepared than most. Yet, Dr. Baxter quickly realized she was wrong.

When Max got his shots, he would be in so much pain that he would start throwing up, which developed into a fear of doctor’s offices that would last for years to come. Dr. Baxter couldn’t bear to watch her son suffer anymore, so she dedicated herself to finding a solution.

She knew that running a burn under cold water alleviates pain. It feels better because the nerves that conduct sharp pain can be overridden by movement and vibration. On the way home from an all-night hospital shift, Dr. Baxter finally had an idea for how to put this idea into practice.

Dr. Baxter created “Buzzy,” a device that looks like a vibrating bumble bee attached to an ice pack. When Buzzy is attached to a child’s arm, it not only makes shots hurt less, but can also help with other types of pain, such as removing a splinter.

Today, Dr. Baxter’s device has been such a hit that it’s used in more than 5,000 hospitals and clinics, helping to reduce up to 88 percent of pain for patients. It even was featured on the TV show Shark Tank. Thank you, Dr. Baxter, for your innovative thinking, and making the world less painful!

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