5 Things You Know If You Work at a Hospital During the Holidays

Working through the holidays might not be glamorous—but your patients and their families appreciate you more than you realize. By keeping the traditions and the magic of the holidays alive, you make the hospital feel more like home for them.

1. You won’t have to pack your lunch for weeks.

You’ve tried all the baked goods imaginable, and have strong opinions on chocolate chip vs. macadamia. (Hint: the right answer is chocolate chip).


2. You could challenge—and beat—any art teacher at decorating. 

Christmas trees made from tongue depressors? Snowmen made from medicine bottles? You’ve got this.


3. You can’t walk down the halls without hearing "Jingle Bells."

You may not actually know how much fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh… but you’re never getting that tune out of your head.


4. Your long shift does nothing to diminish your spirits. 

You see volunteers who’ve filled gift bags for 12 hours straight, but still have smiles on their faces hoping to cheer up patients.


5. You might be away from one family, but you’re with another. 

The hospital truly is “a labor of love,” and you’re grateful for your co-workers’ support.