Zenko Hrynkiw

Neurosurgeon, Trinity Medical Center, Birmingham, AL

Walking miles in a raging snowstorm, helping motorists along the road, THEN performing life-saving brain surgery—all in a day's work for this Hospital Hero.

During a raging snowstorm in 2014, Dr. Hrynkiw was called in for an emergency brain surgery. He was miles away from the hospital, and traffic was at an absolute standstill. As the only neurosurgeon at Trinity, Dr. Hrynkiw resolved to walk the six miles in the snow wearing his scrubs. As he walked, he helped people on the road push their cars to safety. After his long journey, he performed the life-saving surgery.

Of his journey, Dr. Hrynkiw says it “really wasn’t a big deal,” but we disagree. He is a true Hospital Hero!