New York Methodist Hospital Radiation Team

Brooklyn, NY

Sherry Weaver submitted as her Hospital Heroes the "joyous, friendly, caring" radiation team at New York Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, NY.

One day while walking home Sherry experienced a "brain blip." By the time she got to the hospital she couldn't speak. An MRI would reveal a stunning diagnosis—brain cancer.

After brain surgery it was time for chemotherapy. She asked about her outlook and recovery, and was informed she may have as little as one month to live. Then she met Dr. Ashamalla, who used a deeply meaningful word with her for the first time; "cure." 

Sherry spent every morning for six weeks with her radiation dream team: Dr. Ashamalla and Dr. Leila Tchelebi, Tanyi Reid, Alaaeldin Aboelnasr, Ani Nalbandyan, Daniel Lieberman, Donna Lewis, Pamela Ross and Joseph Jacobo, and several students. They learned about each others lives, she would cook for them and bring them food, and eventually, they became good friends. "I don’t know how they’ve managed to hire the people they have hired, but whoever hires at (New York) Methodist Hospital is a genius," says Sherry. "The doctors, nurses, the transporters, paralegals, they all are kind and generous and make everyone feel like they’re going to be cured." 

Sherry still visits New York Methodist Hospital twice a month, and once more every four weeks for a clinical trial. With much gratitude for the incredible care she has received from her hospital heroes, she says she is doing well, "This illness has not bothered me one single bit. Whatever I am supposed to feel I am not feeling. I am enjoying my life."

And how would Sherry thank her heroes for the work they do? "I'd tell them I loved them, and I'd hug them, and I'd ask them what they want for dinner! I say this to them every day." 

There is not one single person on my radiation dream team I would not house, or feed, or take care of.

Sherry Weaver