Mary Prokop

Mary Prokop

A unique perspective on nursing

When her daughter was diagnosed with cancer, Mary's life changed in unimaginable ways. But she never expected her daughter's illness to lead her on a new career path to patient care.

Mary Prokop’s life changed in unimaginable ways when her daughter Kate was diagnosed with leukemia. She spent many sleepless nights at Palm Beach Children’s Hospital at St. Mary’s Medical Center, and was so touched by the kindness of her nurses that she changed careers to become an Oncology Nurse.

After experiencing the incredible support the nurses at St. Mary’s provided her family, Mary decided to become a nurse at the same hospital and on the same unit where her daughter had received care.

Mary now works side-by-side with the physicians who helped save her daughter’s life. 

Mary’s goal is to be the best nurse possible for her patients. Her own experiences allow her to treat a child with cancer while providing support for families going through particularly frightening times in their lives.

On one occasion, when Mary was caring for a young patient being treated for a concussion, routine scans revealed a tumor. Knowing all too well the pain this family would have to endure, she went straight to the hospital’s gift shop to find a teddy bear for the young patient -- just as one of Kate’s nurses had done -- and shared the story of how her daughter’s bear helped her through treatment.

Thank you Mary, for dedicating yourself to a life of care. Your compassion for your patients and their families makes you a true hospital hero!