Donald Seyfried & Laura Massie

Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, MI

When a ruptured disc left Sindhura's right arm partially paralyzed—and put the start of her career in medicine at risk—Dr. Seyfriend and Laura took ownership of her as a patient, and helped her get back to work.

Sindhura K. came to Dr. Seyfried as a patient just days before her medical school graduation. She was preparing to move to California to start her residency when she discovered she’d ruptured a disc in her cervical spine, leaving her right arm partially paralyzed.

“Dr. Seyfried understood my situation right away and the potential implications that this would have for my career. He was able to schedule my surgery immediately,” Sindhura says. “He also made sure that I was able to walk at my medical school graduation ceremony despite it being only 10 days after my operation and then worked with me to help make sure I could move safely across the country and start my residency program on time.”

And even after Sindhura began her own busy schedule as an intern, Dr. Seyfried and his staff were there to help her whenever she had questions. “The resident who operated with him, Lara Massie, took incredible ownership of me as a patient and was able to answer my questions and check in with me whenever I had questions over the next several months, regardless of the time difference…I was humbled and amazed by the time and effort both she and Dr. Seyfried spent to help keep me healthy and able to work.”

Today, Sindhura has full use of her arm and is pain free.

Dr. Seyfried and Laura deserve distinction as Hospital Heroes for three simple, but amazing reasons best said by Sindhura: “their kindness, compassion and dedication to caring for the whole patient.”

I was humbled and amazed by the time and effort both she and Dr. Seyfried spent to help keep me healthy.

Sindhura K.