Don Klusmann

NICU Volunteer, Children’s Hospital of San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas

Don Klusmann, known as the Baby Whisperer, has devoted nearly 20 years of his life to volunteering at hospitals. He comforts the tiny babies in the NICU, providing peace of mind to nurses and patients alike.

Don Klusmann, known as the Baby Whisperer, says volunteering in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is like being a grandparent. “I spoil all the kids, and then hand them back to the nurses.”

Don has that special touch — babies instantly stop crying as he gently rocks them back and forth. By being there to comfort the tiny babies, he allows nurses to take care of more complex tasks, like inserting IVs, and also provides peace of mind to parents when they can’t be there themselves.

Compassionate volunteers like Don are true Hospital Heroes. Thank you, Don, for devoting nearly 20 years of your life to patients and their families!

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